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Navigation Part 1

by | Mar 26, 2020

 We have North, East, South & West.  Just as important is learning left, right, forwards & backwards are even more essential as they are used daily & are a daily lifeskill.

Getting used to the area & locations that you live in are important.  Say for instance face the direction of the sea or face the direction the sun rises are all the little steppingstones to get used to your own what I call MIND MAPPING!

We need to get Back to Basics in the way we learn navigation.  I have been instructing navigation for 10 years but practicing it for 27 years!!  When ever asked I always tell children I am 27-year-old and then I’m told I’m younger than their parents!!‘I can’t do that’

Saying the words ‘we are learning Navigation today’!  The look on their faces as they say ‘err that’s maps & compasses’ or ‘err I can’t do that its to hard’.   And from adults ‘my sense of direction is terrible’.  Well let’s start from the beginning and I will give you what I instruct & share in schools, clubs & even for adults.

It’s the little steps and the principal of what I instruct and the philosophy of Back to Basics is that small steps are essential to build knowledge.  I hear this a lot from educators, ‘you can’t build a house on sand’  * thank you Mr Young.

Everyone can navigate and you navigate every day and you are all brilliant at it.  When you woke this morning, nobody went into the kitchen to have a WEE.  No one went into the bathroom to eat BREAKFAST.   We all have a mind map a sense of direction that is given to us and engrained and developed in the areas we visit.

Task 1

What we need to do is get the paper, computer, tablet, crayons, pencils, pens or even paints out a draw a simple picture.  We will NOT call it draw a map UNTILL we have the basics covered and the word map is not so scary and we have achieved our small steps.

Think about when you woke up this morning.  As you woke up you brain pinged into life and once the sleep was rubbed out of your eyes you knew where you were.

Can you used you mind map to remember your LOCATION?

Can you draw a picture of the place you are in now?

Make it as basic or as detailed as you would like. 

Please see my very first picture using the paint app!

I have the plotted the ground floor of my chalet bungalow.  It gives me a good idea of the layout of the area I am living in. 

  • The TV in the living room along with the settee and armchairs helps me to decide it’s the lounge if I had not been there before.
  • The kitchen has a sink with a drainer and a hob and an oven with work tops.
  • The WC is the water closet i.e. toilet with a little sink with no drainer.
  • The bedrooms have beds & wardrobe.

You get the images in your head and you could use this to explore the area.   

Task 2

Please add a symbol on you picture to help others maybe use 

K = kitchen

T = Toilet

B = bedroom

FD = front door

BD = back door

This is the first of many blogs with a whole host of different subjects and I will limit them to indoors or outdoors.  



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